Technological pipelines

Installation, repair and maintenance of technological pipelines

OSS professionals have excellent knowledge of various technological piping systems and their installation. To carry out such work, we have all the required permits, licences, equipment and a competent staff. Experienced fitters carry out their tasks in accordance with occupational safety, environmental and quality requirements according to a customer’s drawings. OSS is able to execute a customer’s project independently or to provide teams of workers or individual professionals. 

 We specialise in the following fields of activity 

  • Installation of equipment and pipelines for gas, oil and chemical products
  • Installation of transmission and indoor pipelines and systems for heating, cooling, water supply and sewage of varying complexity
  • Installation of equipment and machinery on ships, boiler-houses, compression stations, pump-houses, and cooling stations as well as lifting and transportation machines and system installation work. 

We carry out the following work activities

  • Welding of steel and stainless steel pipelines
  • Installation of plastic and aluminium pipelines
  • Conducting an all-in-one weld control
  • Relieving residual stress in welded joints
  • Cleaning and dye work on the surfaces of pipelines and technological equipment
  • Thermal insulation of technological pipelines and equipment 

The main concern of the OSS team is the timely and high-quality performance of installation work in accordance with all applicable requirements. Please look through our accomplished work and quality guarantees and get in touch with us at the following contacts for cooperation.