The OSS company provides installation, repair, maintenance and welding services on technological pipelines, various tanks, reservoirs, equipment and metal constructions, ventilations in the following sectors: 

  • Oil and gas
  • Chemicals
  • Pulp & mill
  • Shipbuilding
  • Energy
  • Other areas

For small-scale projects, we form teams which can carry out work in any country independently. For large projects, we provide customers with highly qualified welders, fitters, insulation installers, project managers, welding engineers, safety specialists, ventilation fitters and other professionals. 

All employees working in Scandinavia have completed special training courses and possess HOT WORK cards and have attended occupational safety courses. Also, most of the employees have completed courses qualifying them for working at height, hanging loads, etc.

Contact us by phone +46 73 973 96 51 or by e-mail