TA2021 Metsä Board Husum mill

Year: 2021
Hours of work: 1 423
Number of workers: 16 persons
Scope of work: repair works.

Projekt Ålidhem, Umeå Energi

Year: 2021
Hours of work: 1 584
Number of workers: 11 persons
Scope of work: changed the old pipes to the new ones.

Mälarenergi AB, Västerås

Year: 2020
Hours of work: 16 541
Number of workers: 51 persons
Scope of work: Repair of boiler. Changing tube panels. DN 60,3 - thickness 5,5 mm. Material 16Mo3.

Metsä Board Husum mill, Project - Ursus

Year: 2020
Hours of work: 2 767
Number of workers: 6 - 10 persons
Scope of work: prefabrication at our client's workshop and installation of the pipes on the site. On the last weeks there was a shutdown. TIG/MMA/MIG/MAG welding methods. Stainless steel pipes thickness from 2mm. to 10mm., diameter 25 - 600mm. Carbon steel pipes thickness 2,6 - 14mm., diameter 25 - 1000mm. Some Duplex 1.4462/1.4162, thickness 2,5 - 4mm., diameter 150 - 219mm.

Kindergarten, Bergkvara

Year: 2019 - 2020
Hours of work: 3 326
Number of workers: 2 - 4 persons
Scope of work: installation of ventilation systems with insulation at new build kindergarten.

Preem TA2019, Lysekil

Year: 2019
Hours of work: 62 143
Number of workers: 10 - 170 persons
Scope of work: repair, mechanical and welding works during revision stop of the refinery.

SCA Munksund papermill Piteå

Year: 2019
Hours of work: 2 062
Number of workers: 2 - 4 persons
Scope of work: Prefabrication at our client's workshop. Most of welding with MMA, 2 - 4 mm. stainless steel pipes. Some TIG welding stainless 2mm. and carbon steel (steampipes). After that welding and assembly on the site.

TA2019 at St1 Refinery, Gothenburg

Year: 2019
Hours of work: 8 194
Number of workers: 21 persons
Scope of work: various mechanical and repair works.

Accelerate Silica Bohus, Akzo Nobel Bohus

Year: 2018 - 2019
Hours of work: 12 000
Number of workers: up to 10 persons
Scope of work: Installation of carbon and stainless steel pipes, tanks and constructions. Dimension of the pipes from 1/2" to 8".

Helios Project, SCA Sundsvall Ortvikens Pappersbruk

Year: 2018
Hours of work: 4 416
Number of workers: 4 - 6 persons
Scope of work: various welding and installation works.

Preem RS 2017

Year: 2017
Hours of work: 3,315
Number of workers: 13 persons
Scope of work: repair, mechanical and welding works during revision stop of the refinery.

EO.N Örebro

Year: 2017
Hours of work: 5,382
Number of workers: 10 persons
Scope of work: repair of boiler, mechanical and welding works

Outokumpu, Degerfors

Year: 2017
Hours of work: 2,214
Number of workers: 5 persons
Scope of work: installation of the new pipelines and repair works of the old pipelines. All the pipelines were from stainless steel. Welding method - TIG, thickness - 2mm.

Shutdown at AKZO Stenungsund

Year: 2016
Hours of work: 1,000
Number of workers: 10 persons
Scope of work: various repair and mechanical work.

AKZO Nobel Södra Cell Värö Klordioxid

Year: 2016
Hours of work: ~20,000
Number of workers: 10 - 30 persons
Scope of work: prefabrication, pipeline fitting and welding work. Fitting of the plastic pipes.

BOREALIS, WP4 EEC Ethane Project, Stenungsund

Year: 2015/11–2016
Hours of work: 30,000
Number of workers: 10 persons
Scope of work: pipeline fitting and welding work.

TA2015 Perstorp OXO, Stenungsund

Year: 2015
Hours of work: 8,000
Number of workers: 20 persons
Scope of work: replacing pipelines, equipment and repair work.

TA2015 BOREALIS Kracker, Stenungsund

Year: 2015
Hours of work: 52,000
Number of workers: 150 persons
Scope of work: various repair and mechanical work in the Borealis plant. Replacing old pipelines and with new ones.

XLPE Capacity Expansion Project, LD5 Silo Convertion, Stenungsund

Year: 2015
Hours of work: 14,000
Number of workers: 5–10 persons
Scope of work: silo repair, washing PE dust away from the inner surfaces, grinding, welding and polishing works. 


Year: 2015
Hours of work: 4,336
Number of workers: 5 persons
Scope of work: replacement of old piperacks with new ones. Installation of technological piping.

RE2 Preemraff, Ghotenburg

Year: 2015
Hours of work: 8,000
Number of workers: 17 persons
Scope of work: equipment, pipe fitting and welding work.

Perstorp OXO, Project Valerox, Stenungsund

Year: 2014
Hours of work: 45,000
Number of workers: 5–40 persons
Scope of work: prefabrication of piping system components at the customer’s workshop. Subsequent installation work was carried out in the Perstorp OXO plant.

TA2013 Preemraff, Lysekil

Year: 2013
Hours of work: 10,414
Number of workers: 32 persons
Scope of work: replacing pipelines, equipment and repair work.

LD5 Polyethene plant, Stenungsund

Year: 2008 – 2009
Hours of work: 173,556
Number of workers: 20–150 persons. The team consisted of welders, fitters, painters, welding engineers, foremen and supervisors.
Scope of work: construction of a new BOREALIS polyethylene production plant LD5 in Stenungsund, Sweden. Installation, welding and painting of various technological pipelines, equipment and fire protection systems.