Installation, repair and maintenance of industrial tanks

High-quality tanks and their perfect installation ensure secure product storage and help to keep its characteristics unchanged. If stored products react with the environment or damaged reservoirs, they may change and become unusable. Therefore, we ensure that containers are sealed and intact. 

To carry out reservoir installation and repair work, we have all the required permits, licences, equipment and a competent staff. Experienced fitters carry out their tasks in accordance with occupational safety, environmental and quality requirements according to a customer's drawings. OSS is able to execute a customer’s project independently or to provide teams of workers or individual professionals. 

We install and repair pressure vessels and reservoirs that are used for different purposes, such as those used for the storage of gas, oil, chemical and agricultural products.

  • Welding of steel reservoirs and pressure vessels
  • Cleaning and dye work on container surfaces
  • Thermal insulation on reservoirs and containers
  • Various tasks related to new ship-building
  • Repair work on old ships

The main concern of the OSS team is the timely and high-quality performance of work in accordance with all applicable requirements. Please look through our accomplished work and quality guarantees and get in touch with us at the following contacts for cooperation.